Beef Breeding Services (BBS) offers genetic solutions, quality advice and training from suitably qualified and professional staff. We offer the cattle industry and horse breeders a comprehensive range of artificial breeding products and services, state-of-the-art semen storage facilities and a large selection of genetic material from many breeds of beef cattle.

With production facilities centrally located in the beef capital of Rockhampton, BBS offers the Australian Beef industry and Dairy industry the complete package of bull accommodation, quarantine facilities and processing facilities for both domestic and international markets. Combined with professional distribution services at Rockhampton and Wacol (Brisbane), this places BBS at the leading edge of artificial breeding services in the southern hemisphere.

Map of Beef Breeding Locations in Queensland

BBS - Etna Creek

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Address: 863 Etna Creek Road,Etna Creek Qld 4702
Phone: +61 7 4934 2435

BBS - Rockhampton

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Address: 25 Yeppoon Road, Parkhurst Queensland 4701 Phone: +61 7 4936 4110

BBS - Brisbane

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Address: 226 Grindle Rd, Wacol Qld 4076
Phone: +61 7 3271 3297