May of Tandy Concrete Locations in Queensland

Batch Plant Locations:

(07) 4946 4611

(07) 4955 9550

(07) 4955 9550

(07) 4928 7044

(07) 4928 7044

Tandy Concrete is an independently owned premix concrete supplier that has fixed batch plants in: Airlie, Mackay, Marian, Rockhampton and Yeppoon. We also hold a mobile concrete batching license that permits us to work throughout the whole of Queensland.

Tandy Concrete provides high quality premix concrete to Australian Standards as well as Main Roads’ mixes that support the construction needs of our customers. All material used is sourced by Mackay Sand & Gravel Sales, which is assessed by the Department of Transport & Main Roads at NATA certified labs. 

All forms of our concrete are available including N & S Grade (20 – 50+ mpa), flowable fill, stabilised sands, block fill, spray mix and shotcrete.

Our fixed and mobile batch plants are supported by a modern fleet of concrete trucks comprising of six and nine metre agitators.  Trucks can be drawn from any of our sites to support the requirements of a project.

Mackay Batch Plant
Mackay Batch Plant

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Tandy Concrete North Queensland

Airlie, Mackay & Marian

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Tandy Concrete Central Queensland

Rockhampton & Yepoon

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Tandy Concrete Airlie

Tandy Concrete Rockhampton

Tandy Concrete Mackay

Tandy Concrete Yeppoon

Tandy Concrete Marian